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The creation of Avalon is at hand.

After adding 700 square km of terrain to our playable 32km. We observed several performance issues. We think it would be best to just remake the entire world from scratch, with all of the new things we have learned from all of our world building experience. So you can look forward to seeing a brand new version of Avalon soon!

9.23.2020 New screenshot up!

Featuring the Human starting zone. 70fps in 3440×1440 on Ultra with 32km of terrain, rocks, foliage, game objects and more! A major accomplishment.

9.20.2020 Two months of development update. It’s been a grueling two months of development since our last update. We put updating the website on the backburner for awhile because of the hard task of getting the game through this last phase. It was found that we were not getting the performance “FPS” we were hoping for. Bogging down to 12fps with everything active. So after another few iterations of the engine. We’ve updated and fine-tuned our streaming system, and also spent a few days updating the game engine to the latest version released earlier this month. Which requires reworking the entire project and solving many errors that generally pop up as a result.

-We also spent 3 days making a VR version of the game just for another perspective of the world, and we are pleased. We like the idea of having a VR version of the game. Maybe like a game like Warthunder that could be played either with or without VR all in the same world. But that is not a priority.

-So after another reworking of the project. We are finally moving into the next phase of developing the gameplay. Yay, a welcome relief. Also a reworking of the Dev Roadmap in is progress. And our latest screenshots are on the way!

7.20.2020 A screen shot. This one showing a weapon and our dynamic night time sky with aurora.

7.16.2020 A second screenshot has been posted. This one showing our nice vegetation and trees with a sunrise sky and clouds. Check out the Media Page for more.

6.6.2020 As promised our very first look at the game is here. Screenshot

5.31.2020 First in-game screenshots coming this week. Saturday June 6th!

5.23.2020 Avalon is still in development. And has made major progress! But unfortunately has been pushed back by a few major set-backs. Check below for an UPDATED road-map and development log.

3.17.2020 Avalon is still pushing forward to a play-able demo. The game is on track to a play-able demo by the end of next month.

1.11.2020 Kingdoms of Avalon is in alpha-development at the moment. Closed Beta testing expected in May 2020.