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Concept Lore of Avalon  


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07/10/2020 6:59 pm  

Here is a place to discuss the lore of Avalon. Which is to remain a mystery to unravel as you go. But here's what we know so far.


     700a.d. -- The people of Avalon have lived in peace and prosperity for as long as people can remember now. The lands are beautiful and its people live in great abundance and happiness. As a result they have built marvelous castles and towns and everyone lives in joy and comfortable. They have babies, and tend farms, and work on their favorite crafts. All is well with the people. Even though they understand the rich have gotten very rich and greedy. And it seems there is much corruption at high levels of government and their freedoms are slowly being taken away in the name of their own security. But the people mostly turn a blind eye because they enjoy the comforts their way of life provides.

     There were legends and rumors of wars and magic in the past, but it's mostly been forgotten now. The temples no longer visited, just overgrown relics of a time long ago. Meaningless to the people of the present, as they grow more and more used to their lavish lifestyles. Living in decadence. Having mostly turned a blind eye towards the spiritual beliefs of the past, and their God(s). Being dismissed and diminished by the new ruling powers of Avalon that the free people have chosen through their own democracy.

     There are still two major ruling tribes of Avalon. King Author is the warrior King of one major tribe housed in Camelot (Zealot believing). And the other major tribe the Groms (Pagan believing) are descendants of Nord, Celts, and Barbarians tribes. There was a time when they were at war. People have heard the legends of the "Endless War" because it was fought for 1000 years and seemed there would be no end. Not much is known about the "Endless War" because it was at least 3000 years ago so it's just mostly legends and fairy tales now. But the people seem to think it must be routed in some kind of truth. As most legends are. Where it was believed the mankind was giving the sword Excalibur to vanquish its enemies. And this ended the 1000 years war. And then the sword was given back.

     Long has there been peace and democracy between two major ruling tribes. But it seems there is a new war brewing between the two major tribes of Avalon. Avalon being a large scale model of Britannia. Split down the middle two the 400 square miles is the Kingdom of Camelot. And likewise to the right 400 square miles is the Kingdom of Grom. The mountains above, swamps below, and nearby islands are mostly unexplored wilderness and extreme terrain. But are thought to be inhabited by magical spirit creatures of all kinds, but also many ghost, and demons. So these lands are feared by the average person who does not dare wander away from town. Only the brave warriors and crazy people make such adventure. To return with the most remarkable stories, that is... if you believe them.

     Because people no longer believe in the power of magic. They are only fairy tales now. But all the while, unknown to the people a mysterious darkness is seeping into Avalon. Threatening to destroy the entire Kingdom, and the lives of the inhabitants thereof. This is where you either take part in the heroic journey to discover what is happening to Avalon, and stop it before it's to late. Or join the forces of darkness to help usher in it's inevitable destruction. Consulting the Wisdom of the Sage, and embark on your quest to unravel the mystery of Avalon, the legend of Aeon and the magical power of Gaia. Or you can choose to join forces with the dark lord and questing for the sword of endless darkness and destroy Avalon forever.

The battle for Avalon begins here.


So what do you think? Have any questions or any suggestions for the lore of Avalon? Comment below!

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18/10/2020 6:07 pm  

Sounds good, interested to see how this plays out through the game. Will this be like a 3 part series or?

Live long and prosper.