Weekly Dev Log

Dev Log 004Still creating the new world. Set us one month behind schedule.
Dev Log 003After expanding our terrains by over 700s/km. Discovered a major performance upgrade. Re-iterating terrains.
Dev Log 002A week of world crafting. Creating and optimizing over 700s/km of terrain to the game. Expanding the 16s/km demo terrain.
Development ProgressPushing into phase 2 of development! From creating and optimizing the massive open-world >> Into creating the game-play.

Development Roadmap Updated 9.28.2020

July 2021Full version of game release.
June 2021Bug Fixing
May 2021Polishing the game.
April 2021Play testing and polishing the game from feedback of open-beta.
March 2021Open-beta release. Play-test game in early-access open-beta stage. Make improvements to game. Filling out content completely to call it a finished game. Making changes based on user feed back and bug fixing.
February 2021Prepare to launch early access “open beta” version of the game on Steam. Launch early-access by end of month. Gain user-feedback. Bug fixing.
January 2021Closed-Beta testing. Assess the state of the play-able beta. Make game adjustments based on feedback. Launching a second crowd-funding campaign at this point in development, with beta access as supporter perk.
December 2020Assess the state of the play-able alpha, make adjustments. Continue to polish where needed. Take user feedback. Continue improvements to user-interface. Switch from virtual servers to live servers. Expanding the game by adding more weapons, items, armor, mounts, to the game. Just filling out the details of the game. Continue work on PVP arenas and battlegrounds.
November 2020Play-able alpha completed. First users playing the game from initial super-early bird Kickstarter campaign. Switching from virtual servers and set up live servers. Continue to work on combat system, skill system. Continue adding quest and other details. Have basic environment completed with all details added and optimized. Work on in-game items. Continue work on PVP combat it’s very important to us. We have only worked on PVE to this point, but this game is heavily focused on PVP.
October 2020Fine tuning environment, adding NPCs, quest, character systems, and enemies. Add initial in-game weapons and armor. Improve character animations. Expanding the story, working on menus and user-interface. Complete play-able alpha tech demo. Work on game launching and updated system for end-user to prepare to first user testing. Set up first PVP combat concept. Sound effects and ambience / music.
September 2020Finally re-Finalized development of the open world, 3 1/2 months longer than expected after having to re-iterate many times. Rebuilt and updated the game engine itself, and assets inside, because of major performance issues and general updates. Optimized to run. We are very relieved to say we are moving into the next phase of creating the game-play itself. Also spent 3 days working a VR version of the game to see the world in VR because it provides a new perspective and a great sense of the scale of the world. To make sure it feels right, you do not get this same sense of scale on a monitor alone. And to this point we are well pleased. VR version of the game planned to be available but not a priority right now.
August 2020Still iterating terrains and trying to figure out how to get the best performance. Each time we got closer to the final goal, after adding game objects, IE. rocks, buildings, effects, first castle. Our suitable 100 FPS performance was suffering more and more to again an unsuitable 12 FPS. Had to backtrack in order to gain better performance. Invested some money and added new and updated asset packages for terrain and foliage and world streaming. Spent time learning and iterating the new systems. Updated the streaming system to a new version and fine tuning it to our needs. Finally settling on the best way to work the world and game objects from our first hand experience. This is steady work and takes us well into Sept.
July 2020General work on game. Still trying to figure out how to best stream/or not stream our terrain and details. How big terrain tiles should be, and so on. We also took 2 weeks off. And did some work on another project of ours, the HoloDeck Universe. We ran a conceptual Kickstarter for HDU to in order to gain experience with Kickstarter. In preparation for Kickstarting Avalon. Plan on running a Kickstarter for KoA asap- but no sooner. Initial Kickstart might come in October for super early bird rewards. Received the new workstation near the end of July. Set it up getting ready for dev.
June 2020With our Dev rig down, game dev forced to work on a laptop. Working around any performance heavy task. Basically working with terrains, details, learning systems to find the right mix for performance. Updating websites and social media. Received new GPU, getting the workstation set up for it. Including adding new water cooling system and all. Lost some time but pushing through as much as we can. It’s all part of being a game dev. Backing up and moving projects around from one PC to the next.
May 2020Finalizing developing the massive open world. Had our 1080 GTX GPU die. Bad timing hard to get any new parts amid world crisis. Ordered a new workstation for development. This new workstation will be a major development upgrade for us! Which we anticipate to speed up game development tremendously. Working with terrain concepts. Placing trees, vegetation, villages and castles. Shaping and fine tuning terrain and mountain ranges. Texturing terrain. (completed)
April 2020Still working on the open world terrain. Testing different options before finally settling on what will work best for this massive world after many iterations of terrains, tiling systems, streaming systems, etc. That after some time we realized were not ideal so changes had to be made from the original designs. We also very unfortunately had our graphics card die towards the end of the month which was a major set back. And decided it was time to upgrade all of our components to the latest gen. (completed)
March 2020Upgraded the entire project to the latest version of our game engine. This basically involved tearing down the whole project, saving the assets and systems we’ve built, and re-importing it into the newest engine and setting it all up again. This is a major upgrade to the entire game-engine with many enhancements and performance improvements. (completed)
February 2020Bringing the concepts to life in our editor; and experimenting with different approaches because we were disappointed with performance. We still had a lot to learn about terrain design and how to process the thousands of trees and details. And which would be the best option for handling it all of the many options available. (completed)
January 2020Experimenting with the concepts, creating terrains for a massive open-world. Expanding the story, working on menus and user-interfaces. Creating concept art for the game. (completed)
December 2019
Experimenting with the concepts, creating terrains for a massive open-world. Expanding the story, working on menus and user-interfaces. Creating concept art for the game. (completed)
November 2019Making many performance adjustments and improvements to the engine to run smoothly. Detailing environment. Developing the lore of Avalon, doing research for inspiration from many sources to help development. Working on user-interface. (completed)
October 2019Setting up environmental features and learning the systems of, dynamic sky, water, trees, grass, other details. Making performance adjustments to make the very large open world run smoothly so it is playable. Developing the basic universe and lore evolving from original idea of Avalon. Inspired by other fantasy stories, historical, and games, but maintains originality is the goal. Working on character selection screen. Character creation system. (completed)
September 2019Exploring the new concept of Avalon, fine tuning engine and other assets. Setting up a proof of concept that runs a very large open-world. Getting a sense of what size and scale we can use for an extremely large open-world. (completed)
August 2019Initial concept is a realism based Viking RPG MMO but that quickly becomes boring and evolves into a total fantasy RPG. The concept of Kingdoms of Avalon is born. (completed)
Jan-July-2019Completed setting up the editor, servers, assets, and other foundational features of the MMO engine. (completed)