Avalon is being designed to be a mysterious, adventure driven massive-multiplayer world. Team-up or be a loner because it’s entirely up to you. Enjoy all the multiplayer features you have come to expect in a MMO game in Avalon. PVE story driven content with raids and PVP combat.

Avalon was made to be artistically beautiful. We designed the world of Avalon to be a hand-crafted piece of art to be explored. Extra effort is spent to ensure that every angle is a scenic view worth experiencing. The game has been designed for high-end graphics with cutting edge visual effects and post processing. This is not an easy task and therefor much time is being spent to make the game continue to run smoothly.

Avalon features an engrossing completely original epic adventure story. Adventure in Avalon to fight back against the coming Darkness and unravel the mysteries of the Spirit world by following the ancient wisdom of the Sage. Discover the power of Gaia and use it to heal your friends and defeat your foes.